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The Flea Circus

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

There was a time when one of the more popular attractions at some local carnival or circus was “The Flea Circus”. People would marvel at these tiny insects pulling carts and such. After all, fleas are known for constantly jumping. In fact, fleas can jump up to seven inches. When we consider how small fleas are, that is quite a feat.

Knowing this, some have wondered how the ringleader could train these common irritants to stop doing what they do by nature, and instead do what they otherwise would not do. The first step in this process is to first stop fleas from jumping. In order to do this, fleas are placed in a box with an adjustable glass top. A standard height is selected which is the average range most fleas jump up to. As those fleas jump, they hit the glass. Now, fleas are not as dumb as we think. After a few head bumps they adjust the height they will jump in order to avoid another knock on the noggin. Once they have adjusted how high they jump the trainer slides in another piece of glass in the slot just below the initial glass top. And, once again the fleas hit the glass and make adjustments to how high they will jump. This process is repeated until the lid is so low that the fleas stop jumping altogether. Once they get to this point, they will never be able to jump again. You can take them out of the box, and although they are free to jump once more, they never will. They have been trained to believe that that glass is forever there above them. And, once they stop jumping, even if they wanted to, they have now lost their ability to do so. They will forever walk the rest of their short lives.

As people, we are born to naturally crave freedom and the ability to jump as high as we can. To be free to accomplish what we are able. The freedom to choose and be independent.

However, we may find that from time to time there are glass ceilings that stop our ability to be free to jump. And, if left under that ceiling too long, we find that we no longer have the ability, drive, passion, or desire to jump again. Instead, fear may keep us from ever trying. Or, possibly believing that the ceiling will always be there to stop us and therefore accepting that it will never change.

Glass ceilings come in many different forms. It may be the job or business holding us back. A person or persons that keeps us down. Glass ceilings can be where we find ourselves living that stops any progress or means to be free to pursue those dreams. The lockdowns of this past year have also proven to have been an effective glass ceiling, altering the actions, abilities, and nature of people to once again live life and be free. Companies are not able to find enough workers to hire due to so many not wanting to give up the unemployment income they have gotten use to receiving. They prefer a life in the invisible box.

But most of all, it can be our inner self. The fears, trepidations, doubts, unbelief, or lack of confidence can be just as much a glass ceiling as any real one. However, we should not confuse having become a trained flea to achieving life satisfaction. In other words, we each jump to our given abilities to attain what is right for us. Not all fleas jump the same height. They each jump according to what they are naturally gifted to do. I say this so we understand that comparing ourselves to someone else only leads to frustration and more. Each of us reach different levels and different heights in life. No one is greater than another due to this. Only different.

Yvonne and I have simple lives. What some may consider not reaching our potential is only opinion. We are satisfied. We all jump until there is no longer a need to. That is the level in life that is right for each of us. The important thing is that we each remain free to jump again, if and when and should we have a desire or need to do so.

When it comes to marriage, it is important that we don’t become a glass ceiling to our spouse. The most common way this happens is by the words we speak. This can be from subtle jabs or jokes, cut-ups or put-downs, belittling, mocking, to all-out degrading. Choose to speak words of encouragement, that offer hope, faith in your spouse, love for them, and support. Build each other up to help one another reach the heights that bless you both. Don’t seek to overshadow or compete. Nor allow jealousy of another’s success rob you. When times arise when these things may happen, as it can sometimes happen to any of us, one of the top neutralizers that help steer things back on track is repentance and forgiveness. Repentance here refers to the willingness to apologize and say one is sorry. Forgiveness is the ability to accept that apology and let things go. The one thing above them all is love. For without it, the acts of repentance and forgiveness ring hollow and meaningless. Love gives these actions weight and power. Meaning and sincerity. Genuineness and authenticity. Be a support that brings you joy seeing your mate flourish. Watch and see if doing so not only supplies a spring in their step but provides the wind beneath their wings that enable them to soar.

Until next time, we wish you LOVE, JOY & PEACE!

Brad & Yvonne Adams


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