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Merry Christmas

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The other day I was watching a program where a reporter went out and asked passing people some basic questions concerning Christmas. I was both shocked and saddened by the responses. Most did not know where Jesus was born. Where Bethlehem was located. What gifts the wise men brought. Why we celebrate Christmas.

I was heartbroken. I wondered how in a nation such as ours could a majority of the people this reporter interviewed miss growing up and not hear the Christmas story. Not have gone to a Christmas program, or attended Sunday School at some point in their life. Not heard a song, a poem, a play, or seen a movie, or a cartoon that gave the message of Christmas and of Christ. Many of those who were clueless during these interviews were younger adults. They are the result of a culture that is purposefully being transformed into something else. Something less knowledgeable of our foundations and history. A different, competing culture is being shaped in our school systems and before our eyes. A culture that cannot even determine now what the definition of a woman is. We are losing our way!

Houston, we have a problem!

It troubled me. The greatest message, the greatest story ever told, the greatest life ever lived and yet somehow they were oblivious to it all. But then I realized that there has been a slow silencing of anything that is Christian, or religious in nature. Christmas is being re-branded. Even the traditional Charlie Brown's annual Christmas cartoon special has been taken off many channels over the past several years.

A woman in England just the other day was arrested for praying in her mind across the street from an abortion clinic. Apparently, we now have thought police that will arrest and whisk you away if they find out what you are thinking that is not acceptable. An unimaginable reality of the state of affairs we, as a human race, are now finding ourselves in.

I suddenly felt convicted. What part am I playing in helping or hurting this issue? Am I spreading the Christmas message? Am I passing the story down as it was passed on down to me? Is there more I can do that may help people know that God cares?

The answer was obvious. I spent over two years writing "Godproof" and put it online for free to help those who struggle intellectually with believing and understanding the Christ of Christmas and of God's existence. A culmination of 35 years of pastoral study in an easy-to-follow read. My role now is to do a better job of letting people know it is available online. My problem is that I'm just not a good promoter. You might be able to help me in this endeavor. Should you know of someone who might benefit from such a resource, pass it on. They simply type in Or, simply forward this blog.

Christmas still is a magical time. Something happens for which many are hard to explain. It touches the inner spirit and awakens something in each of us.

Christmas is the message of love. God's love! It is a message of provision and of salvation! It is a message of hope and of power! It is a message of sacrifice and humility! It is a message for all generations everywhere around the world!

Here is a moving, powerful acapella song with a unique perspective concerning Christ's birth:

Lastly, may this be our prayer this holiday season:

Wishing you a Merry, Merry Christmas!!

Brad & Yvonne

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