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Times Of Uncertainty

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

To be uncertain refers to unpredictability, unreliability, unsureness, instability, and the unknown. With it comes a sense of doubt, apprehension, reservations, fear, and worry.

Here in America, and around the world, you can hear the sense of uncertainty in the news, at work, at home, or with those you talk to. The uncertainty about the economy, the future of companies surviving, or job layoffs. The uncertainty of what the future holds. Rumors of wars, famine, pandemics, and more. Worry and concern seem to permeate everything. Many feel that the economy has fallen into recession with signs pointing to the fact that it may deepen. Crime has surged across the country with people fearing for their safety. The job market is unpredictable as companies grapple with the current financial and employment climate. Interest rates keep climbing along with the cost of gas and the daily cost of living. Our nation is being flooded with drugs coming across our southern border impacting families, homes, and relationships in virtually every town and city in America.

Yes, we live in uncertain times! In reality, times have always been uncertain for every generation. We are merely being reminded of it in an unprecedented way. But why?

For some, it feeds fear which can influence how people vote or view social issues. Fear is a powerful tool in the hands of those who look to have control. The political manipulation and use of uncertainty to change behavior, beliefs, and actions in today's society are quite appalling.

Uncertainty can be used to bring about instability. And, there are those that actually promote uncertainty to use for their advantage. If you know why there is uncertainty due to what you are doing behind the scenes, then you also can present the solution to an unsuspecting populace that will open the door for you if you would just solve the problem.

Closer to home, fear and uncertainty can bring about instability in relationships. The pressure and concern about the future can seem overwhelming. Often, we take these things out on those that are closest to us. Fear, uncertainty, and worry can be so paralyzing that they can leave us feeling hopeless about our circumstances.

How do I continue to provide for my family? What happens if health gets worse? Have the retirement accounts lost their value? Can't afford the increase in rent, taxes, and insurance!

The list varies from person to person, but the concerns, fear, and uncertainty are the same. However, allow me to suggest an opposite view to take. That is, letting these feelings and genuine concerns motivate you to take action!

You see, being concerned can be a positive thing rather than a negative one if it is viewed through a different prism. Rather than being full of emotion, dread and negativity, allow the focus to turn to the motivation that moves us toward positive actions and opportunities. There may be a good reason that you are concerned. It is important to determine why, and if that concern is warranted. Confide in your spouse and see if this is a shared concern. If it is, then talk about what can be done to remedy what concerns you both. Determine to take control of your life, and your future together! If you don't, circumstances will take control of you.

For us, it was about where we would end up retiring. Yvonne and I took note of the shifting circumstances we faced that altered our future retirement plans. Things we initially had mapped out to put into action at a future time now seemed to be more urgent for us to consider doing now while it remained possible to do so. We always knew that for us retiring in Washington State was not a financial possibility when considering fixed incomes later in life, and where we were at financially. We had been talking about places that might be a better fit for us when the time came. However, with ongoing interest rate increases, an open job market, change in finances due to the current climate, the exodus of people to those places we were considering, and the housing increases beginning to climb due to this migration, we decided it was now or miss a window of opportunity, and be priced out of our areas of interest. Our concern over this motivated us to see if there was a way to move our plans forward. We sought God for wisdom and direction and chose faith and trust over fear and uncertainty. (For those that may wonder if God exists, I encourage you to read "Godproof". It is free!)

So, this past August we concluded that Arizona was the best match for us. We started packing up the house, gave things away, had a yard sale, and created a list of homes in the area we liked that met certain criteria from our online search. We lined up a local realtor as well as one in Arizona. Put our house on the market and sold our home. Yvonne did a job interview online and got hired, we packed up the SUV and started our journey. We arrived three days later in Arizona. While staying in hotels we had one day of appointments with our realtor with whom we had been corresponding. We found a home, made an offer that was accepted, and started the purchase process. We closed on the home on November 30th and moved in just in time for Christmas!

It was a major change, however, that is what we concluded was best for us. What the answer is for you is something you will need to seek out for you and your household.

Whatever concern you might have that is creating a sense of uncertainty, whether big or small, allow it to stimulate the problem-solving side of you. Procrastination only leads to delay, despair, and eventually non-action. Get with your spouse, hammer things out, and come up with a plan. Don't wait around hoping things will change on their own, or the issue will go away. Worse yet, allowing others to make the choices for you.

Get positive, get proactive, believe in each other, and believe that with God all things are possible!

Life is full of uncertainty. And, from time to time, we can struggle to get past it. When those times come all we can do is find a way to move forward, stay positive, and be thankful by celebrating life one day at a time. And know this, God can provide an answer, open a door or show a path forward!

Here is a throwback song that may help jumpstart your day and get your mind right!

As always, we wish you LOVE, JOY & PEACE!

Brad & Yvonne


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