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Marriage Resurrection

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

This Sunday we celebrate Easter, also referred to as Resurrection Sunday!

This day is set aside to celebrate the greatest sign not only of God’s power but his love and desire for all mankind. A love that is so great that He was willing to sacrifice everything. And a desire that was so great in redeeming us from darkness that it drove Him to the ultimate sacrifice, Himself. God not only revealed His love but also His power. Power to overcome sin's grip and death’s hold.

After being crucified, Christ rose up on the third day from the tomb he was buried in. The grave was not able to hold Him, and death was not able to keep Him. And because of this, we also, through Him, can overcome.

Final scene from Passion of the Christ

Make no mistake, we will all face that certain appointment with death. Our future beyond it will rest in what we believe.

Early pioneers of Christian rock, Petra

There are skeptics of course. However, it is only because they are not aware, or choose not to be, of the facts, the eyewitness accounts, nor the historical events that literally took place that is not really in dispute. I may share those at some point if there is enough interest. Along with a simple understanding of the Godhead, we often refer to as the Trinity. In fact, at one time I had a free e-book online that was an investigative journey into God’s existence. It contained videos and pictures to go along with the narrative. It was two years in the making. However, over the course of fifteen years, it was hacked several times forcing me to re-construct it twice. After that, I painstakingly transferred the book to a website instead. Those pages were eventually hacked as well. I shut it down so our Moka Latte site would not get corrupted and have since been debating whether to re-construct it one more time. Just not sure of the best means yet of doing so, and of course, having the funds toward the financial cost in today’s current tech and software market.

Easter then is about celebrating the gift of salvation that is offered to anyone who believes and receives. Believes in Christ and His sacrifice in our place at the Cross, and through this belief, saved by God’s grace. That is the great news!

As great as this news is, it is difficult to celebrate when things are not well at home. When God seems so far away and not listening. Today, there are struggling marriages that need some resurrection and restoration. To see light at the end of a very dark tunnel. If God has the power to raise the dead, then He surely can resurrect a dead marriage. However, faith will be key! Faith that this is possible. Faith in a process that will get you there. And faith that there is a God who cares! And, whatever chains have a couple bound by, God is a chain breaker!

If I were tasked to take all the available materials and information found in manuals, classes, books, seminars, retreats, and more on the topic of marriage restoration and health, and try to reduce it to a one-page, simple-to-understand, and simple-to-follow key to recovery, what would that look like? If I was only given one chance to share one thing, a simple tool, what would that be?

Many years ago, I came across this simple diagram. It has proven to be the most effective thing Yvonne and I ever used in marriage counseling.

A husband and wife who individually seeks to grow in Christ will start to be more aware of how they treat their spouse. How they talk. How they act and react. Their thoughts and motives. Their willingness to forgive and seek forgiveness. To show more grace and compassion. To seek to change themselves rather than demand conformity from the other. To feel conviction when wrong. To be less angry. Less argumentative. More in emotional control. More thankful and appreciative. More giving and less controlling. More compromising. And on it goes. It is a lifetime of change that two people embark on. The closer we get to God, with Him having more influence in our lives, the closer we get to our spouse who is on the same journey. This becomes the common ground. A firm foundation.

These changes begin to happen as we grow in wanting to become more of the person God has in mind for us. To be a better version of ourselves. And in turn, the kind of husband or wife we want to be and should be, for our mate. It doesn’t happen overnight. Progress comes in spurts and in stages.

It can’t be that simple, can it? Yea, it can be. For some reason we like complicated. We complicate things. Make it harder than it needs to be. We like analyzing, digging down to root causes, and such. To unravel some mystery or unpack some hidden secret. We look to solve our complicated messes by strategizing, troubleshooting, making programs, schedules, lists.

We hear phrases like “marriage is complicated”. Or “marriage is hard work”. And because someone said it we accept that it must be true. And, for them maybe it was needlessly. We figure if there are problems in our marriage then it must be complicated when in fact it really is not UNLESS two people aren’t in the marriage together. As mentioned before, it all comes down to a heart issue. It’s that simple. And when it comes to the heart, God is an expert at working on ours.

So how does one start? That too is simple. Start reading for yourself what God thinks about marriage and about you. Find a couple that can be mentors. A local church that fits you. A home study group or a couples Bible study. Online ministries, websites, resources, and blogs (hopefully ours is part of that list) that will complement your personal and marriage growth. It will all start with you first. Start with that. The rest will follow. What do you have to lose?

And remember, simplify!

The Word says God knows our hearts. If, in our hearts we desire change, He will help. We all need it!

In closing, I thought I would throw in something that simply reminded me of church as a young Christian in Omaha worshipping in the pews with my parents and grandparents. Even now, I can close my eyes and it still moves my spirit.

Until next time, we wish you LOVE, JOY & PEACE!

Brad & Yvonne Adams



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