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Power Of Music

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

I came across an amazing video recently that you may have possibly seen as well. In the video Marta Gonzalez, a former professional Prima Ballerina, now wheelchair-bound and inflicted with Alzheimer’s, listens to a familiar song from her past called “Swan Lake”. What transpires next is a demonstration of the power of music:

For a few brief moments, the power of music awakened within her the memory of a choreography she had practiced and performed many times. In those moments her mind was free. A memory crystal clear. Her illness set aside. She danced as though she was on stage once again, soaring, moving, and in command. The power of music cut through to make a connection that few things can.

The power of music can inspire, encourage, motivate, and empower. I truly believe it contains healing properties for the soul and mind. The power of music can soften hard hearts. It can mend broken ones. Music can calm a troubled mind. Our spirit can be lifted through music or be transported to another time and another place. It can instill an environment of peace and calm. It can bring joy, hope, and strength to the listener. And lastly, it can spark and fan the flames of love.

Music can and should play an important part in a marriage relationship. Naturally, it depends on the music you chose. No offense but grunge music won’t do it. Neither will sad, drowning in my drink country songs. In fact, what kind of music you feed on is an important factor in how you feel, how you think, and the atmosphere you set. You don’t think so? Tell that to those that use music as an interrogation tool. They aren’t typically drawing from The Carpenter’s playlist. Or, the composer writing the score for an upcoming suspense/action/horror/holiday movie. How about an inspiring church worship service?

There is power in music to strengthen the bonds between two people, especially during this time that we are living in with rolling lockdowns, anxiety over work, finances, and what the future holds. In it, all music can be an integral part of getting through. Of helping two people stick closer rather than fall apart.

To help drive out doubt, fear, and depression, create a playlist that will feed a more positive mental state. When you need to escape for a few moments from being homebound, take a mini vacation by slapping on some headphones and chilling out to some smooth sounds. Some people actually like to listen to nature tracks like a rainforest or waterfall. But some good soft jazz will hit the spot too.

When we want to get into the Christmas spirit, what is one of the things that we do? We play Christmas music. Why? You know why.

And when it comes to love, what do we play? Love songs of course. Now, that is a playlist worth making. Allow the power of music to play an important part in your relationship and in your personal life. Love songs that will fan the flame, feed the fire, keep the feelings you have for each other alive.

When it comes to love songs, the sheer volume of available song selections should make for a fun project that the two of you can enjoy doing together. To inspire you to jumpstart things, here are two oldies but goodies from among many options that were randomly picked. These are courtesy of Billy Joel and one of Yvonne’s favorites, Diana Krall:

It has been this belief in the power of music and in love songs that Yvonne and I started “A Night To Remember” years ago, with the opportunity for couples to have a date night dedicated to them. Sadly, we may never be able to do another again. Maybe an opportunity will present itself where we will once again get to sing together.

However, even though there are limited outside activities and date night opportunities, there is no reason you cannot create your own special “at-home” date night. You don’t need to spend much. Soft lights, a nice dinner, and of course, great music to set the mood.

The power of music. Apply it in your relationship.

Until next time, we wish you LOVE, JOY & PEACE!

Brad & Yvonne


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