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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We are living in the strangest of times. We have literally discovered in a very personal way how our world can quickly change overnight. Our sense of safety shaken. The best of plans turned upside down. Our eyes having been opened to the fact of how fragile everything in life truly is, and how it all can disappear in a moment. How we have been living in a false bubble, seemingly protected from the harsh realities of life’s temporary state. We have come to be reminded of an important truth. That there are no guarantees about what tomorrow may bring. In a moment, in one instant, all we have can be taken. Even our very lives.

I believe we are standing at a crossroads on a personal level, as a nation, and worldwide. And, some questions that we need to ask ourselves. What do we really believe? What have we placed our faith in?

I do not believe this crossroads that lays before us is by happenstance. Soon the whole world will be observing Easter. As it approaches, we are being challenged to view Easter in a more personal way. Separated from the typical “holiday” observances and religious trappings, the large crowds and the pomp and circumstance, we are instead faced with what it really means to us in light of what we are personally facing at this present moment.

There are various word studies of the origins of the word Easter. One is that it originated from an old German word for “east”, which comes from an even older Latin word for “dawn”. Dawns mark the beginning of days and since it arrives just before the rising of the sun in the east, we get the phrase “the dawning of a new day!” The possible association with the goddess Eostre, who represented spring and fertility, added the notion of spring and of new life to its meaning.

Easter became associated with “Resurrection Sunday” as a perfect way to illustrate that Christ (the Son) rising from the grave marked the dawning of a new day for us all. Of new life and the start of a new season. And with this dawning of a new day, of this new season, an eternal promise. Those that would believe in Christ would never perish but have everlasting life. Just as Jesus overcame the sting of death and of the grave, so too would those who looked to Him for deliverance. We are reminded how this world, and all that is in it is so temporary. However, eternity is forever. We are merely passing through this life. One day that will end.

You may be sitting there having been laid off due to the shutdown. You have no job. Or, your business is closed. You are not sure how you will buy food or how you will get back on your feet. Your stocks were wiped out and 401K non-existent. Your life savings disappeared, and your retirement is gone. A family member, or you, are dealing with this virus. Maybe you are suffering the loss of someone to it. What does Easter have to do with all of that? In fact, some may even be angry wondering how there could be a God that would allow such things to happen.

It is important for us to be reminded that the road leading up to that resurrection morning did not come without a cost. That is what I so appreciate about the movie “The Passion Of The Christ” as it strived to represent, in the most realistic and visual way, what God was willing to go through for you and me. If you have not seen the movie yet, I encourage you to watch it. If you have, now is a good time to see it again to be reminded.

God chose to live a life in the form of a man. To be able to know and understand first-hand the struggles, the pains, the ups, and the downs of life in a fallen world. He experienced everything we would ever go through. He has walked in our shoes. That is how much He loves each of us. He never promised a shielded life. He did promise an overcoming one.

Does God know what you are facing right now? Yes. Is He aware of your needs? Yes. Is He to blame? No.

Because we live in a fallen world, much of it of our own making actually, we are not promised that we will never have to face the issues and challenges of life. However, God can make a way where there seems to be no way. He still operates in the miraculous. Just what many of us need right now.

Here is the fork in the road I mentioned. In this very moment that we are living, it is ever so much clearer that we have a choice to make in whom and what we are to believe in. Continue on the path that we have been walking which is one of self-reliance? Relying upon our own efforts and abilities? Of a life that has had no room, place or need for God? Of choosing in government to be our total savior. Or, instead, believing and trusting in God as our Father?

There are some things we have no control over. And some things that we are powerless to do anything about. However, we all can have faith. We can choose to exercise that faith. We only need faith the size of a small mustard seed. That is enough. Faith simply means having complete trust or confidence. Looking past what we see to what can be. Give God that much and see what will happen. What do you have to lose?

Revival refers to renewal. I believe we are being called to renew our faith. Not just any faith. I am referring to our faith and trust in the God who has walked in our shoes. In what it is we believe in. It seems to me we are at the start of a revival, a renewal, in our personal lives and as a people of what really matters to us. Of faith and hope being redirected to where it needs to be.

Your faith in God will not go unanswered! There will be a door that will open and there will be a way that will be made! You ask for wisdom to know what to do, it will be given. You need strength to endure, you will get it. You need help, somehow it will be provided. I don’t pretend to know how God does things, and when He chooses to do them. In fact, it is not unusual that we don’t get an answer when we want it. Nor, in the manner we think it should happen. God is not a genie in a bottle. I just know it is when we need it the most, at the right time. He works in quiet ways and in unsuspecting ways. He works in common ways and in the not so common. He works in natural ways and in supernatural ways. In subtle ways to the extreme.

So, to exercise faith, we pray. Prayer is simple. Just like talking. Simply make your requests known to God. Thank Him for what you have. Then trust that He will work the rest out in some way. That doesn’t mean we don’t do what we can. God cannot steer an idle car. Start putting what things you can into motion, and He will start to steer and head you to the destination He has in mind. Clearing the road ahead and showing you the signs.

He will raise you up out of your present circumstances. A new day is about to dawn. And new life is ready to spring forth. Get ready!

Easter is approaching! And so is your breakthrough! Just hang on!

Until next time, we wish you LOVE, JOY & PEACE!

Brad & Yvonne


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